There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work to cuddle with your cat. If you’re like most of us, your cat is one of your best friends and just spending some time playing and rubbing her tummy can take your day from gloomy to sunny. If hearing your cat purr is one of the highlights of your day, it can be tough on you if anything happens to dampen your kitty’s natural enthusiasm for life. After all, cats are just like humans; they can get sick, get stressed or get any of those annoying inflammations of the body that can cause us so much grief. If your vet has diagnosed your cat with any kind of inflammation that is causing them to be less than their usual purr-fect self, you probably want to do anything you can to take away some of that pain and get them back to feeling their best. Check in with your veterinarian and see if they would recommend treating the problem with CBD oil or CBD snacks for cats!

If you haven’t heard of CBD for pets, yet, you are in for a treat. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has none of the psychoactive THC compound that is well-known for causing a “high.” CBD snacks for cats are strictly medicinal and have a variety of helpful effects that can improve your cats health, with no known side-effects in regulated doses. So how can this healthy hemp oil help your kitty? CBD is wonderful at managing pain and there are special hemp oil tinctures and treats designed especially for cats with inflammation. When your veterinarian diagnoses your cat with conditions like arthritis, intestinal inflammation or nerve-related pain that is affecting their everyday activities, the right dosage of CBD might help them get back to their old self again.

It’s totally natural to want to take the best care of your pet, and advances in CBD makes it easier than ever to get your kitty the natural pain relief that they deserve. If you’re curious about the other ways that CBD can improve your cat’s life, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can also shop many different types of CBD oils and treats for other conditions, including anxiety, reducing nausea and even boosting appetite. Your dog can also benefit from the healing properties of CBD. Enjoy exploring your options!