If you are exploring the many wonderful CBD options available to you online and at your local store, you have probably discovered raw CBD oil concentrate. If you have been wondering about it, now is your chance to learn more about this interesting product! It’s called raw because the CBD is extracted directly from the hemp plant and includes no additives at all. If you have looked at the raw CBD oil syringe from Green Label Propriety Hemp Extract, you have noticed that the concentration of CBD is 15%. That level of concentration means that you get the best results for the quantity and none of the additives that other types of oil might have. This concentrate is powerful but it contains none of the psychoactive THC that would give you a “high.” These syringes make it easy to measure out the dose size you want and since it is non-psychoactive it is legal across the United States, like the rest of our products.

Now that you know about what raw CBD oil is, let’s dive into the benefits that it can bring to your life if you’re looking for alternative medicine for wholistic health. If you experience chronic or occasional pain as a result of a condition like arthritis, you may find that regular usage of raw CBD oil helps reduce your pain. When you are coping with anxiety, this concentrate may help you to find calm in your daily life without many of the side effects of regularly prescribed drugs. Depression is another common health issue that CBD can be used to treat or manage. Raw CBD concentrate is also a great way to relax after a hard day at work or during stressful life changes. Since there are no recorded negative side effects of raw CBD oil, it can become another tool in your toolkit to cope with pain, anxiety and stress in a way that is fast-acting and easy to regulate.

If you are concerned about the process of producing raw CBD oil, you can rest assured that concentrates are all natural, gluten-free, vegan and kosher. The purpose of this process is to decrease the additives that are in your CBD while maintaining all of the important parts of the compound that bring you health benefits. Shop around here on our website to find the products that best suit your lifestyle and your needs.